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How to Funnel
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How to Funnel a Beer

Ashley Skyy Funneling
1. Acquire a proper beer funnel (also known as a beer bong)
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2. Acquire beer that works well in a funnel. Light beers are best.
3. Close the valve on the funnel or kink the funnel so it doesn't go straight through to the ground or someone's shirt or pants
4. Pour the beer slowly on the edge of the funnel with the whole beer can over the funnel so it doesn't spill out. Slowly pouring is the key to keeping foam to sane levels.
5. Once the can is empty, allow the beer to settle in the hose so there is no foam. Foam is your ENEMY!
6. Now that the beer is settled, you can now 'burp' the beer bong (if you don't have a valve). To do this, just slowly release the kink to let the beer rise to the end of the tube. When it nears the top, kink the hose to keep it from overflowing.
7. Now plug the hose with your tongue and get into position. The classic beer funnel position is the one leg kneel, but thats not the only way to funnel. Use your imagination! There are all sorts of cool ways to funnel a beer like the 2nd-floor funnel, the top-of-car funnel, or the porch funnel.
8. When you are ready, unplug the hose and raise the funnel as high as possible. If you have friends nearby, get them to raise it up.

DO NOT SUCK! Let the beer flow into your stomach, but remember to swallow. A whole beer should go in 2-3 gulps (Pro), 4 gulps (Amateur), or 5 or more (Beginner).
9. You're done! But remember...
10. Don't forget to let the girls funnel too!
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